Author David Freud, working in conjunction with his wife renowned psychic Linda Freud, has written these groundbreaking & consciousness raising books.

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Past Lives of Famous People
Volumes I – VII

Past Lives of Famous People is a five book series, registered with The Writers Guild, that is currently being adapted into a television series. It revolves around the extraordinary ability of psychic and medical intuitive Linda Freud to communicate with deceased celebrities in the spirit world. They speak about many aspects of their previous life as well as provide detailed knowledge of their earlier incarnations.

Her angelic guides also reveal extraordinary past life information about living world leaders and celebrities. In each case, the follow up historical research conducted by David Freud revealed repeating patterns of personality, career, and relationship dynamics. There are even times when this can even extend to include similarities in facial appearance, which can be positively spooky. These patterns cause Linda’s channeled information to be highly entertaining while still making elegant spiritual and intellectual sense.

  • Volume I – The Past Lives of The Beatles – based on channeled conversations with John Lennon regarding Freshwater Circle, an artist’s colony on the Isle of Wight during the Victorian Era.
  • Volume II – The Past Lives of The British Royal Family – based on channeled conversations with Princess Diana on the House of Windsor.
  • Volume III – The Past Lives of Jimmy Page – based on channeled conversations with Linda Freud’s angelic guides on his relationship with girlfriend Scarlett Sabet.
  • Volume IV – The Past Lives of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung – based on channeled conversations with Sigmund Freud.
  • Volume V – The Past Lives of The Beatles – based on channeled conversations with John Lennon regarding his role in The Shakespeare Authorship Issue.
  • Volume VI – The Past Lives of Political Leaders – including Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin.
  • Volume VII – The Past Lives of Other Contemporary Celebrities – Including actors, musicians, athletes, and business leaders such as Bob Dylan, Charlie Sheen, James Taylor, Jordan Spieth, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Steve Jobs, and Sting.

The Healing Gift

According to a number of leading integrative medical doctors, Linda Freud possesses what may be the most unique ability to heal or dramatically improve chronic health conditions in the world. What is a medical intuitive? Like a forensic psychic brought in to solve a crime, a medical intuitive is actually a medical psychic detective, brought in to find the hidden causes of chronic medical conditions that may have eluded conventional doctors and diagnostic lab tests. This is not something she simply “pulls out of the air”. It is done through a brilliant and rigorous psychic process she developed called Metaphysical Systems Engineering™.

Working with a pendulum as she scans complex databases of medical, emotional, and metaphysical information, Linda channels angels and spirits to receive incredibly accurate information on chronic heath conditions. She then targets the most appropriate natural remedies, detoxification protocols and therapeutic modalities. She also channels a customized diet plan needed for successful treatment.

The book also introduces Sigmund Freud, David’s distant cousin who is the principal spirit guide that Linda channels. Although Sigmund speaks briefly about how he views psychoanalysis from the spirit world, he primarily focuses on his failed relationship with Carl Jung.

Freud now reveals that in an earlier lifetime he was the reincarnation of King Agamemnon of Greece and Jung was his warrior companion Achilles. Their failed relationship as Freud and Jung was a karmic replay of The Iliad! True, their setting and occupation were very different, but their interpersonal dynamics remained the same. Now they simply had to come back as Sigmund and Carl to try and repair this earlier ancient relationship.